KidsPlay & Koffee is an initiative that has been around since 2012 in Caracas, Venezuela, under the direction of Emma D’Andria, an architect by profession, who, after becoming a mother of two children, found a true calling in pre-school education. After having prepared in matters of Educational Management, she opened a prestigious preschool in the city and after 15 years of experience, in accordance with the new psychological tendencies that support the importance of free play in children, she decided to explore the entertainment area and to create this integral concept, which makes parents and their kids very happy.


Playing is the way in which kids discover and communicate with the world. That is why it is so important that mom and dad are involved in their dynamics, to strengthen affective bonds as well as communication.
Playing must be a free activity and parents must provide their kids with adequate spaces to do so.

Based on these premises, we create a clean, safe and fun place allowing them to have hours of free play, without structure, and without stress.
KidsPlay & Koffee is an indoor playground with play areas and with a space for celebrations of children’s parties, exclusively for kids up to 6 years. It offers a safe and professional atmosphere, where they can have fun, play, learn and be happy, while their parents share quality time with them, or relax and socialize in our cozy Koffee Shop.
Our main goal is to celebrate the best and most fun parties, through private and semi-private packages, so you can chose according to your preferences.

KidsPlay & Koffee is named by kids as the “Costumes Park”. We strongly believe that playing with costumes for children is of vital importance for their evolution and growth. It is a great way to process the information they receive from the world of adults and experiences that themselves have lived. In addition to the fun of interpreting different characters, the child improves his vocabulary and self-confidence, stimulates his intelligence and, making extensive use of his imagination and creative thinking, improves his academic and emotional development.

Founders: Emma D’Andria and Randolph López